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Recent Post: Hypixel?

Hi!!! If you’re seeing this post because I talked to you on Hypixel, a very well-known Minecraft server, this first Hypixel post is talking about how bad this Warlords update is.

Just so you know…Hi! It’s a dash! a useless dash to be exact.

If you STILL haven’t guessed who it is yet:


Yes. It’s me. Your average Warlords player. *cough cough* (no, a complete noob)

So, you may know me from an awesome minigame exclusive to Hypixel called Warlords. All of a sudden, when i get home from school yesterday, almost every well-known Warlords player is on. Within thirty minutes probably:I have came to understand this.

Yesterday, Hypixel released a Warlords update that:

  • buffed every class’s health by +10%
  • either buffed or nerfed moves
  • buffed low tier weapons

Just a couple patches it fixed. *cough cough* (broke)

Cryo and Defender have way too much health.

If this update is meant to keep players on Warlords that were already just wanting to yell that Berserker, Pyro, and Cryo were already too op still playing, then it’s kind of wrong, because I know one level 90 that is rage quitting due to the update.


All of a sudden, I agree with TheFrenchSnob, in the fact that the level 00s seem all of a sudden like 80s.

And a couple others, listed below.

Here are a couple comments on the update from well-known Warlords players.

[MVP] Squeezy_Orange: tooooooo much healthhhhhh

What he’s saying is that-

a level 90 or a player that has maxed out health with WAR, with a 4/4 void forged weapon, has at least seven thousand four hundred health. In my opinion, six thousand health is enough. But seven thousand goes way overboard.

[VIP+] TheEnderAgent: Yesterday, October 12, 2016, a balancing update was released for Warlords. Lightning Bolt isย  suddenly not as powerful.

So some actually FAIR damage classes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

were nerfed with some of their moves. That’s…bad…

[MVP+] DTRON: First everyone was complaining about the damage classes. Now everyone’s gonna complain about the defensive classes. Now the range with Cryo is gonna be increased as well.

Cryo already is broke…don’t break it more please..

[MVP+] Bogidop: No content with the upgrade. I can’t spend my 600k coins. Cryos can have 6k hp which is no good.

No new classes? No new specs? And a lot of people also agree that cryos already were too op.

[MVP+] SonicSwift: I’d say it was a very sudden update, but they did have some thought put into it.

It didn’t give very much warning..

[VIP+] FarCosmos: Cryos were already very hard to kill, but now..

Cryos already were too op…we get that..

[MVP] Ghost_Girl_1033:I liked it better before but I don’t hate it…I’m getting less crits..

less crits..

Guild> [MVP+] TheFrenchSnob: people are too op…noobs are now pros..7k is way too much for health..mages have 6k health..that’s too much..

that’s pretty self explanatory…

[MVP+] beymuch:I don’t really know what I think about it, but defender and cryo’s health are way too much..the increased damage prevented from their ability makes their buff in health so good that they can basically carry teams.

Already op classes had enough health as it is, and basically what he’s saying is that the damage that is prevented from arcane shield or last stand, et cetera, makes the increase in health so good that they can carry teams.

That’s pretty bad.

[MVP+] xEth_ : level 00’s are like level 80’s

So those are a couple good reasons why the update broke some things..from well known players themselves. Here’s my reasoning:

  • How can they call it a ‘balancing update.’ Tell me. HOW is 7.4k health balanced? 6k is enough as it is.
  • Cryo’s practically invincible-bad enough as it is, as said before
  • Thunderlord’s Lighting Bolt was nerfed, from TheEnderAgent’s comment. Thunderlord was an actually fair damage class as it is. Making one of the only fair pure-damage moves is really dumb.
  • I’m not saying that classes like Aquamancer that don’t have very much starting health shouldn’t get more, but why not increase Aquamancer’s by 20% and Defender’s by 3%? That would actually be a lot more fair in my opinion.
  • Buff low-tier weapons. Wow. Wait until all the 00s with the starter weapon all of a sudden get a legendary and two epics in one unfold, and they’re all of a sudden op.

On the next post, or maybe this post if I find the time to edit it, hopefully a screenshot will be taken with a couple other players and I that agree.

Warlords was fun. But a ‘balancing patch’ kind of broke it.

Hypixel do something!

Have a nice day please ๐Ÿ™‚

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