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Recent Post: 15 Random Facts! About history, nature, mythology, and science!
  2. Three-toed SLOTHS move so SLOWLY that ALGAE can grow on their fur!
  3. Ancient CELTS, the natives of England, PAINTED THEMSELVES BLUE according to tradition!
  4. FINGERNAILS and TOENAILS grow faster in the SUMMER than in the WINTER.
  5. A person is more likely to be killed by a FALLING COCONUT than by a SHARK.
  6. KOALAS, marsupials native to the eucalyptus forests of AUSTRAILIA, have a POUCH in their MOUTH where they store EXTRA FOOD for when they need it!
  7. CLOUDS are made out of WATER that EVAPORATED from bodies of water on LAND!
  8. A STAR in space is made out of DUST and GAS clustered together!
  9. The ANCIENT GREEKS worshipped twelve major gods, and the ANCIENT ROMANS worshiped the exact same ones-just with different names!
  10. ELEPHANTS can actually RECOGNIZE THEMSELVES in a mirror!
  11. Ancient POLYTHESISTS (people that worship more than one god) thought that they could see the movements of their GODS from studying ASTRONOMY!
  12. The NUTHATCH (a bird native to North America) is able to hang UPSIDE DOWN, BACKWARDS, and even SIDEWAYS on a tree-due to an extra claw on their feet!
  13. There may be a NINTH PLANET in the SOLAR SYSTEM, on the other side of the sun.
  14. A SUPERNOVA is when a STAR explodes!
  15. HUMMINGBIRDS have to drink nectar EVERY FEW MINUTES, because they are able to fly so much for such a small bird. They get ENERGY from nectar, but having to fly UPSIDE DOWN and more to eat it, they use up a lot of ENERGY just by EATING! They are the only bird that can fly upside down, hover, fly sideways. The reason is because they move their wings in a figure eight motion, around 100 beats per second!

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