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Recent Post: He is light; He is good; He shall heal us all


As a girl with ADHD and high-functioning autism, I come to bring you a message.

God is great. He is light, and we are always watched over by him, no matter what. He is always with us. We can count on him to help us through our problems. Jesus died to cleanse you of your sins, so consider this a blessing and help others with their problems. Be a blessing to others, for this shall please God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Pray for those that you love that are in pain or sickness.

I’ve felt Him in me. When I pray for forgiveness and healing, I’ve felt the Holy Spirit inside me, and I get a feeling like a bird. A source of ethereal happiness lifts me up higher than the sky.

When I was in kindergarten or first grade, around the time I started writing here; my handwriting and social skills were ‘chicken scratch’ as Mom says. Now, I’ve made friends and I’m known for being a writer of stories at school. My handwriting has developed into a nice, unique print that God had planned for me. I plan to bless people with my creativity and write stories. God has healed me and led me on a spiritual journey of faith, and I’ve only started walking the path. Keep your faith in Him at all times, no matter what.

Have a blessed day!

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